Risk Management Policy [View Details]

Terms of appointment of Independent Director. [View Details]

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. [View Details]

Policy on Board Diversity. [View Details]

Policy on Board Evaluation. [View Details]

Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassments of Women at Workplace. [View Details]

Whistleblower Policy. [View Details]

Anti Money Laundering Policy. [View Details]

Outsourcing of Activities Policy. [View Details]

Key Managerial personnel authorized for determining materiality. [View Details]

Familiarization Programme for Independent Directors. [View Details]

Policy Determining Materiality of Event. [View Details]

Archiving Policy. [View Details]

Code of Practices & Fair disclosure of unpublished price sensitive information. [View Details]

Policy on materiality and dealing with related party transactions. [View Details]

Nomination and Remuneration Policy. [View Details]

Policy on Material Subsidiaries [View Details]