VLS is committed to the concept of providing integrated financial services to the top Corporates and Institutions. Over the years, it has strived to create innovative investment strategies/solutions, and investment banking ideas. Further, it is also engaged in Capital Market investments, as well as providing secondary finance to corporations and institutions.

The Company’s present team of professionals ranks among the best in the country. A team of professionals from diverse financial and professional backgrounds including Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Management Graduates, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Engineers with distinguished records in their respective fields, provide unparalleled advice to a cross-section of institutional and individual investors.

The core areas of competencies of VLS are:

  • Highly qualified and experienced professional staff.
  • Widespread contacts within the polity and bureaucracy.
  • Well connected within the corporate sector. We work with the top corporates and industry leaders; hence can find the right partners.
  • High quality research support, which maintains one of the largest corporate information databases.
  • Consistent and successful track record in approach.
  • Strong network through branches and affiliates.
  • Top legal and corporate expertise.

VLS strengths in the field of investments:

  • Expertise in Investments spanning over several years.
  • Successful Investment track record.
  • High quality Research.
  • Established Channels of Information flow.
  • Strong contacts and network established with intermediaries and
  • Experienced Accountants for due diligence.
  • Proprietary Equity Analysis Model with over 200 parameters based on international research guidelines.
  • Good deal flow.
  • Understanding of the environment for more accurate appraisal of viability.

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