The Corporate Consulting & Advisory Services Division of VLS is associated with over 200 corporates in diverse businesses such as Packaging, FMCG, Real Estate Development, Software, Construction, Hotels & Hospitality, Media, Automobiles, Chemicals, Hospitals & Healthcare, Consumer Durables, Fertilizers, Leather Footwear, Cement, Sugar, Ceramic, Confectionery, Steel, Tobacco, Auto Ancillaries, Apparels, Commodities Exports, Iron Forging, Edible Oil etc., and has raised capital in excess of Rs. 10 billion, a number to be reckoned with in the Indian capital markets.


The Advisory Services Division of VLS provides a comprehensive range of services to Indian and foreign corporates, both at the entry and established levels. Backed by management, taxation, corporate, legal and financial experts, the Division plays the role of a full service counselor, and provides the vital support required by foreign institutions entering India through the direct investment route.

Typically, foreign investments need addressing of crucial issues. VLS, with its research and investment banking strength, backed by an established expertise in corporate transactions and commercial negotiations, offers solutions and advice to clients on planning and defining optimum structures, commercial arrangements, location and use of holding structures, documentation procedures, strategic alliances, technical tie-ups and technology transfers.

  • Private Placement of Equity, Debentures, Preference Shares & Bonds with Banks, Financial Institutions, Foreign Institutional Investors, Mutual Funds, Corporates and High Net Worth Clients.
  • Advising upon structuring of schemes for raising debts in the form of fixed income securities.
  • Project reports, evaluations, appraisals from Financial Institutions / Banks.
  • Syndication of Term Loans, Working Capital, Bridge loans & Short term financing (i.e., ICDs & Loan against Promoter Shares).
  • Advisory services on Financial & Corporate Restructuring, Spin-offs, Mergers & Acquisitions,Takeovers.
  • Arranging External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) and advising on Rupee Term Loan swaps with Foreign Currency Loans.
  • Support services including corporate finance, tax planning, audit and accounting, financial &legal consultancy for Corporates.
  • Arranging Factoring of Book Debts.
  • Placement of Commercial Papers.
  • Arranging Credit Rating, Creation of Trusts and Procedural aspects of creating Securities.
  • Syndication of Asset Funding businesses.
  • Identification and arranging tie-ups of domestic & foreign partnerships.

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